3-Step Coaching Plan

We offer private coaching plans which provide you with the guidance and intelligence of hiring an expert energy advisor at a value anybody can afford.

You’ll work 1-on-1 with Jeff, the founder and award-winning author to:

Step 1: Control your out-of-control utility bill

Wouldn’t it be nice to normalize your varying monthly utility bill? And to know what systems and equipment are costing you the most money each month?

In Step 1, you’ll learn the tactics to do just that – several of the solutions require no out-of-pocket dollars to implement.

Our optional add-on service provides you with remote intelligence on your utility bill and allows us to be really effective in generating results for you in steps 2 & 3.

energy intelligence

With Jeff as your guide, you’ll take the first steps to gain control over the expense most people write off as “uncontrollable.”

Step 2: Lower your monthly expense

With your utility bill under control and an understanding of where you’re spending the most, in Step 2 you’ll begin a streamlined approach to lower your bill, starting with free solutions first.

Together, we’ll achieve results in a focused effort based on your unique situation without the burden of making a big financial commitment or blindly taking risks on your own.

Step 3: Enhance your operation

Now that you’re spending less each month on your utility expenses and can predict your monthly utility bill, you’re ready to consider an energy audit, an engineering study or an energy efficiency project.

We’ll guide you through this complex maze which Jeff wrote an award-winning book on so you can ensure any investment yields predictable results for your needs and dollars.


***All coaching clients receive a 90% discount on our Energy Audit Review and Proposal Grading services. These optional services during Step 3 of the coaching plan allow us to guarantee your results.***

Private coaching plans are attractively priced individually and as packages of 4-sessions, 6-sessions and 12-sessions.

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