Proposal Grading

Energy Efficiency Proposals

Replacing building equipment or performing an energy efficiency project is a high-dollar risk and far from an everyday purchase.

After completing an energy audit, the next step most business owners take is to obtain a proposal for repairs and upgrades.

The most common strategy to “get the best deal” is to obtain (3) proposals, compare them, then move forward with the low-cost option.

While this strategy may ensure you get the cheapest of 3 prices, it do not guarantee you’ll achieve the results you seek for your needs and dollars.

There are 6 aspects to every equipment replacement or energy efficiency project.

Visit the Tools page and download the grading rubric to learn more about each of these aspects and the components of each.

It is critical you understand each of the 6 aspects we speak to audiences around the country about before you make a purchasing decision.

These aspects change regularly which is why we grade proposals (as an independent third party) you receive by HVAC and energy providers. If any aspect is not in the providers’ best interest to address with you, we will!

Engaging in this service not only guarantees you’ll achieve the results you are seeking, it prevents the worst consequences from happening.

See a few success stories below.

This service includes:

  • full review of the 6 aspects of the energy efficiency proposal by a qualified advisor
  • a digital copy of the 1-page Energy Project Report Card™ of the results
  • findings & feedback report detailing each aspect, recommendations and negotiating tips
  • 30-minute web or phone review call on the day and time you choose

For coaching clients, you’ll receive a 90% discount on this service in Step 3 of the Private Coaching Plan.

Visit the Tools page to download the grading rubric and report card to grade a proposal on your own with the award-winning book as your companion.

Warning! If you have not executed both Steps 1 & 2 in the 3-step plan we recommend (either with us or on your own), you should not be considering a project. See our Private Coaching Plan for more details.

success stories

New York City, NY: A hotel owner wanted to save money on electricity so they had an energy audit performed which resulted in a lighting project being developed. We graded the project proposal validating the provider, proposed lighting fixtures and rebate amounts. Our services empowered them to leverage a little-known negotiating tactic to obtain more utility rebate money, preserve their budget, and reduce their utility expenses.

Austin, TX: A luxury high-rise condo operator wanted to make sure a lighting proposal checked out before making a decision to move forward over budget. We reviewed it and found a $10,000 savings error! After discussing the “proposal grade” with him, he obtained a new proposal from a different provider for a scope of work that yielded accurate results under-budget. Our services saved the condo association from a costly, under-informed decision.

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