Energy Audit Assurance

Energy Audit Assurance

Energy Audits

The first step many business owners take is having an energy audit performed when they are suffering from high utility bills. That being said, it is critical you understand a few things about energy audits…

There are no nationwide education or training requirements for energy auditors. Only some states require prospective auditors to take courses or earn certifications.

So what is an energy audit? In short, an energy audit is an evaluation of every energy consuming system and includes:

  • how it was designed to function
  • how it is currently functioning
  • recommendations to improve each system’s operating efficiency

A high quality energy audit is educational and comprehensive, a chronological detailing of each energy consuming system – past, present and future. – Jeff Julia

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) identifies 3 tiers of energy audits. Most energy audits fall short of all 3 tiers and are performed for free.

Is that bad? Well, not necessarily. In some cases, you’ve already paid for the audit through your utility bill payments.

Other times, contractors offer them to obtain the information they need to give you a proposal for their product or service.

And in still other cases, local codes or ordinances require energy audits to be completed in varying degrees of depth and accuracy.

energy audit survey results

Energy audits can take anywhere from 1 hour to several months to complete. New software technologies are allowing energy audits to be performed without an auditor ever stepping foot in the building itself.

All buildings, even brand new buildings, have some inefficiencies. Business owners occupying these spaces can benefit from an energy audit too – they are not just for older buildings. The older the building however, the more likely it is to contain energy inefficiencies – which is where an energy audit comes in handy (to find them).

Whether you lease or own the space you occupy, have your own utility meters or share master meters with other tenants, performing an energy audit is a step in the right direction.

All buildings have similar energy consuming systems. And each system contributes to your monthly utility bills. How much each system contributes takes an expert level acumen in building sciences and an understanding of your business operation to determine.

Additionally, which systems have the most room for improvement, the cost/benefit of each option in the marketplace and whether making an investment is really in your best interest requires more than what an energy audit report can deliver.

As a business owner, new priorities always arise. Reviewing an energy audit report takes a back seat and, as the report gets buried under other documents, it is easily forgotten.

If it doesn’t get buried, disseminating facts from opinions and assumptions from real data is difficult. Add the technical jargon that accompanies an energy audit report and you have a recipe for confusion which leads to delay and inevitably, inaction.

Biased/opinion based reports filled with technical jargon, distrust in the energy auditor, high estimated improvement costs and low energy savings all result in business owners taking no action to reduce their utility expenses after they have an energy audit performed. Expenses that, if reduced, would yield higher profit margins, more working capital, replenished R&M (repair and maintenance) budgets and increased building value.

This is why we offer energy audit assurance services.

This service includes:

  • full review of the energy audit by a qualified advisor ensuring each energy system has been addressed – past, present & future
  • a digital copy of the findings & feedback report detailing each system, recommendations and negotiating tips
  • 30-minute web or phone review call on the day and time you choose

For coaching clients, you’ll receive a 90% discount on this service in Step 3 of the Private Coaching Plan.

Warning! If you have not executed both Steps 1 & 2 in the 3-step plan we recommend (either with us or on your own), you should not be considering a project. See our Private Coaching Plan for more details.

success stories

Boston, MA: A high-rise office building manager had an energy audit performed but was time constrained and struggling to make sense of the resulting report. We were able to review the audit report, determine the most lucrative opportunity and advise him on next steps – saving time, assuring results and eliminating inaction.

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