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What is an Energy Project Report Card?

It’s the result of 7 years of work on nearly $500M of energy efficiency projects.

Every time you submit a proposal for us to review, you’ll receive one!

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And, just like in school, some proposals grade better than others!

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What is it based on?

It’s based on our proprietary grading rubric, the backbone of every report card.

The rubric allows us to:

  • Develop a grade for each of the (6) aspects every proposal contains
  • Calculate an Overall Grade
  • Maintain consistency & objectivity across the wide range of proposals we grade

Why should I get one?

Risk Management

You no longer need to speculate


You’ll know if the savings will materialize

Plain English

Everybody understands a grade

Independent Advisors

We’re not selling you the project


Know where you can negotiate

Stakeholder Buy In

It’s easy to agree on a graded proposal