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A common trick we see all the time is O&M savings being manipulated to fit the clients’ financial benefit requirements.

We also see tax benefits and payment options being left off proposals and “cost-effective” equipment that does not qualify for utility rebates being proposed.

The information on a proposal may or may not be leading you toward an effective solution to your challenges.

So, we grade them for you using a proprietary grading rubric to ensure all 6 aspects have been thoroughly evaluated including:

  • proposal provider
  • equipment
  • savings & benefits
  • utility rebates & tax incentives
  • payment terms & options
  • alignment with your needs & unique business situation

Proposal grading services are attractively priced so business owners facing any size project can benefit from the value they provide.

The results?

Eliminated risks and guaranteed rewards for your investment.

“I am impressed by his passion, expertise & grit… in delivering trustworthy recommendations.” – Tejas, Austin

Here is what you can expect from your investment:

  • Thorough review of the 6 aspects of the energy efficiency proposal by a qualified advisor
  • Digital copy of the 1-page Energy Project Report Card™ with an overall project grade and individual aspect grade
  • Findings & Feedback report detailing each aspect – the oversights, shortcomings, gaps & pitfalls
  • 30-minute web or phone review call on the day and time you choose
  • Objective recommendations based on your unique situation and needs (we have no financial ties to your ultimate decision)
  • Translation & explanation of all technical jargon
  • Expert strategies and insider’s negotiating tips to accurately predict results and obtain the best deal
  • Understand the pro’s & con’s of your available next steps
  • Preserve your time and mitigate your risks while moving closer to improving your cash flow goals
  • All undocumented information is brought to light and discussed
  • Eliminate inaction, confusion, distrust and speculation
  • Increase accountability, encouragement and understanding of your challenges and frustrations
  • The truth – no sales pitches, biased suggestions or hand-forcing

“Jeff is a person of great integrity, who cares about people and doing what is right by them. He is competent and trustworthy and can be counted on to deliver and to tell the truth.” – Wayne, Dallas


***All coaching clients receive a 90% discount on our Proposal Grading services.***

Private coaching plans are attractively priced individually and as packages of 12-sessions, 6-sessions and 4-sessions.

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