Navigating the Maze

 jeff julia energy efficiency bookWINNER of 2017 Global Ebook Awards Silver Medal for Green Business

This award-winning book unravels the massive industry operating behind little-known utility bill fees.

An industry flooded with energy saving products, services and proposals – some worthy, some not.

In this easy to read story of a local restaurant owner, Jeff provides a guide to energy efficiency for professionals and homeowners who wish to reduce their expenses, improve their NOI and make the most of their money.

In an entertaining and accessible manner, this book establishes a framework for identifying the most lucrative opportunities, addresses common oversights and pitfalls, and supplies the reader with vital tools and resources.

After reading it, you’ll know how to navigate your way to more profit and guaranteed results!


jeff julia 5-star reviews

Where can I purchase this book?

You can buy this award-winning book on Amazon or in the following locations!

The Book Loft of German Village – Columbus, OH –

Penn Book Center – Philadelphia, PA –

Serj Books – Dallas, TX