Most of our clients work with us through the following process:

1. Free 30-minute call

Once we learn more about your specific situation, we advise you on the next best steps toward achieving your goals. For some, this is simply advising you to have an energy audit performed, for others, this looks like developing a strategic plan or no-cost behavior change solutions.

2. We review the energy audit

Most energy auditors are specialists and commissioned salespeople. Once you’ve had an energy audit done, you re-engage us to review it. We ensure you’re being guided down a path that is inline with your needs and goals, uncover any gaps, oversights and biases so you have a complete and objective understanding of your opportunities. We then advise you on the next best steps toward achieving your goals.

Some of our clients, unbeknownst to them, had energy audits performed by lighting salespeople. Naturally they were being told to do a lighting project, which isn’t always the best option.

3. We grade the proposals

By this stage, you are considering performing an energy saving project and know exactly what opportunities to consider. We grade the proposals providers share with you and provide you with an Energy Project Report Card of the results to ensure you get the best deals for your needs and dollars.

Our grading rubric keeps the grades standardized and objective across all types of projects.

We discuss the results of each proposal, provide you with negotiating levers, advise you on next steps and share our insider expertise giving you a leg up in your decision making.

4. Post decision

With our expert guidance you’ve either chosen to implement a project or gone in a different direction. Either choice is a win-win. We’ve empowered you to achieve the results you need or avoid a costly mistake.

If you’ve chosen to obtain new proposals or consider other energy saving opportunities, we work with you again to grade the proposals you receive.

If you’ve implemented a project, you refer us to others for the incredible insight we’ve provided. Or you add us to your retainer as your energy efficiency back office advisors.


Who are our clients?

  • Business Owners & Franchisees
  • HOA & Condo Boards
  • General Manager, Property Managers & Facility Engineers
  • Real Estate Investors & Building Owners

What services do we offer?

We’re happy to advise you on a number of operating expense reduction initiatives or energy saving plans.

Here are some of our most popular services:

  • Audit Reviews – Too many energy audits are incomplete. We’ll determine what the oversights are and advise you on next steps.
  • Provider Screening – Not sure where to get a proposal from? We’ll screen the providers for you.
  • Proposal Grading – Short on time or resources? We’ll uncover the small details with big impacts, connect the dots, and provide you with a report card of our findings.

Success Stories!

Boston: A high-rise office building had an energy audit performed but were time constrained and struggling to make sense of it. We were able to review the audit, determine the most lucrative opportunity and advise them on next steps.

New York: A hotel ownership group wanted to save money on electricity so they had a lighting project developed. We graded the proposal and provided them with leverage to get more utility rebate money, saving money and energy.

Austin: A luxury condo high-rise wanted to make sure their lighting proposal checked out. We reviewed it and found a $10,000 error! Our services saved them from this costly oversight.