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One prospective client had just built a new building. An energy audit revealed a $30,000 efficiency upgrade opportunity which was overlooked on the construction plans. The oversight was costing him an additional $1,200/month in overhead. As he could see it, he had two options… eat $1,200 per month indefinitely or fork over $30K. As we discussed this situation, he actually had five options.

The results of an energy audit may or may not be leading you down a path in your best interest to traverse.

So, we review them for you using a proprietary checklist to ensure every energy consuming system has been evaluated including:

  • how it was designed
  • how it is functioning
  • recommendations to improve each system’s operating efficiency

Then we discuss the detailed findings with you over a phone or video call.

The results?

Confidence in attacking your utility bills with an industry expert guiding you to success.

“Jeff is a person of great integrity, who cares about people and doing what is right by them. He is competent and trustworthy and can be counted on to deliver and to tell the truth.” – Wayne, Dallas

It is commonplace to obtain a second opinion in the healthcare space before going under the knife.

Can you imagine having no independent legal or financial counsel?

No mentors or advisors who have ascended the trail before you?

Avail yourself of this wisdom by choosing us to empower your goals.

Here is what you can expect from your investment:

  • A thorough review of the company who performed the energy audit
  • A detailed inspection of their findings for each energy consuming system – past, present and future
  • Objective recommendations based on your unique situation and needs (we have no financial ties to your ultimate decision)
  • Translation & explanation of all technical jargon
  • Expert strategies and insider’s negotiating tips to accurately predict results and obtain the best deal on any project you choose to entertain next
  • Understand the pro’s & con’s of acting on each recommendation the energy audit report suggests
  • Preserve your time and mitigate your risks while moving closer to improving your cash flow goals
  • Any undocumented information is brought to light and discussed
  • Eliminate inaction, confusion, distrust and speculation
  • Increase accountability, encouragement and understanding of your challenges and frustrations
  • The truth – no sales pitches, biased suggestions or hand-forcing

Obtain objective guidance for any energy audit report you have received – free or not.

We’ll guide you through this complex maze, which Jeff wrote an award-winning book on, so you can ensure predictable results lowering your out-of-control utility bills inline with your needs and dollars.

Validating these reports with us will guarantee you navigate the maze wisely and avoid costly assumptions, competing agendas or face consequences as a result of inaction.

Hire an expert energy advisor at a value anybody can afford today.


***All coaching clients receive a 90% discount on Energy Audit Assurance services***

(Private coaching plans are attractively priced individually and as packages of 4-sessions, 6-sessions and 12-sessions.)

“Jeff consistently brings a level of professionalism, great customer-relations skills and technical competence that’s all too rare in the energy efficiency market.” – Jack, Raleigh

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