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Navigating the Maze of Energy Efficiency Projects is an anecdotal guide to energy efficiency for time and resource constrained professionals and consumers.

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Efficiency Insider Podcast is an educational discussion on energy and ways to seize control of your utility bills. If you would like to be a guest, send us an email.

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Energy Audit Assurance

There are no nationwide education or training requirements for energy auditors. Only some states require prospective auditors to take courses or earn certifications.

The results of an energy audit may or may not be leading you down a path in your best interest to traverse.

So, we review them for you using a proprietary checklist to ensure

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Efficiency Insider for Homeowners & Renters

Regain comfort control and turn your utility bill into a cash-generating machine at home whether you own or rent. Efficiency Insider is a members only community of comfort seekers and cash-flow masters…

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Proposal Grading

Replacing building equipment or performing an energy efficiency project is a high-dollar risk and far from an everyday purchase.

It is critical you understand each of the 6 aspects before you make a purchasing decision which is why we grade proposals.

These aspects change regularly…

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Utility Bill Coaching

Control, lower & enhance your utility expenses with private coaching. Achieve results in 3 simple steps.

You’ll work 1-on-1 with Jeff, the founder and award-winning author to…

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success stories

Boston, MA: A high-rise office building manager had an energy audit performed but was time constrained and struggling to make sense of the resulting report. We were able to review the audit report, determine the most lucrative opportunity and advise him on next steps – saving time, assuring results and eliminating inaction.

New York City, NY: A hotel owner wanted to save money on electricity so they had an energy audit performed which resulted in a lighting project being developed. We graded the project proposal validating the provider, proposed lighting fixtures and rebate amounts. Our services empowered them to leverage a little-known negotiating tactic to obtain more utility rebate money, preserve their budget, and reduce their utility expenses.

Austin, TX: A luxury high-rise condo operator wanted to make sure a lighting proposal checked out before making a decision to move forward over budget. We reviewed it and found a $10,000 savings error! After discussing the “proposal grade” with him, he obtained a new proposal from a different provider for a scope of work that yielded accurate results under-budget. Our services saved the condo association from a costly, under-informed decision.


“I am impressed by his passion, expertise & grit… in delivering trustworthy recommendations.” – Tejas, Austin


“Jeff consistently brings a level of professionalism, great customer-relations skills and technical competence that’s all too rare in the energy efficiency market.” – Jack, Raleigh


“Jeff is a delight to work with.” – Katrina, Austin


“Jeff is a person of great integrity, who cares about people and doing what is right by them. He is competent and trustworthy and can be counted on to deliver and to tell the truth.” – Wayne, Dallas

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