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Navigating the Maze of Energy Efficiency Projects is an anecdotal guide to energy efficiency for time and resource constrained professionals and consumers.

We educate and advise our clients on utility expenses!
Why our services

We are the only company offering Energy Project Report Card™ services evaluating the 6 Aspects of efficiency proposals

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Your values, our expertise

Seasoned industry veterans that understand your challenges

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Small team, wide reach

Coast-to-coast, simple to complex, small brick & mortar to large multi-national, our services run the gamut

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client focus


Value our expertise in developing strategies that align with their operating cost reduction goals

Commercial Owners

Benefit from our valuation knowledge and payment options expertise

Commercial Tenant

Connect us with their clients for energy efficiency advice and support

Sustainability Officers
& Facility Engineers

Rely on us to poke holes in the variety of energy savings proposals they receive

Real Estate

Capitalize on our Energy Project Report Card to justify capital improvement projects

Property & General

Capitalize on our due diligence efforts in screening proposals to champion internally

success stories

Boston, MA: A high-rise office building had an energy audit performed but were time constrained and struggling to make sense of it. We were able to review the audit, determine the most lucrative opportunity and advise them on next steps.

New York City, NY: A hotel ownership group wanted to save money on electricity so they had a lighting project developed. We graded the proposal and provided them with leverage to get more utility rebate money, saving money and energy.

Austin, TX: A luxury condo high-rise wanted to make sure their lighting proposal checked out. We reviewed it and found a $10,000 error! Our services saved them from this costly oversight.